I had an amazing time with these guys, we visited the Golden Gate Bridge at Fort Point, the Palace of Fine Arts and City hall. I can't wait to show you more!!!


  South San Francisco, Bay Area/Peninsula Photographer 



 I LOVE telling stories!!! Being able to not only see but feel whats happening, is just amazing to me. Seeing a photograph and instantly feeling emotion, smiling from one picture to another.

heart emot

 . . . Life . . . Love is an amazing thing to capture.

 I had the privilege of photographing a friend of mine for her upcoming book release!!! I am so proud of her, what an amazing accomplishment! And I'm very excited to read it myself!!! Check it out here . . . Hurricane Coltrane by Taya Okerlund

I Love when I'm editing and come across the most adorable little ones and their facial reactions,you can't help but smile! This is one of those, just too cute to handle!!! 


My little one has been referring to herself in the 3rd person all day! "Super Sophi"!!!

 Even on the swings she says, "Mommy push Super Sophi" Cutest thing ever! 

heart emoticon

 Another Valentines Day Mini session! "XOXO" I'm offering this session for one more week!!! Message me if your interested!

 Meet my girls! Emma and Sophia, 4 and 5 ears old. This is a sample of a collage, that I can't wait to order for my own home!!! 

heart emoticon

. . . The photos are from the valentines day mini sessions, there is still some time if your interested please message me asap as were running out of time!!! I am also making Valentines day cards and mini accordion albums as gifts! I Can't wait to hear from you! XoXo

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 Valentines Day is Just around the corner!!! This is from a mini session I did last week, can't wait to do a few more! 

heart emoticon

I'm excited to finally post these photos!!! This little guy is just so adorable heart emoticon He was only a week old and wanted to stay awake the entire session! And he was really strong he held his head up very well! Congratulations Melissa and Drew I loved working with you guys and meeting your sweet little Guy!

Just finishing up this little guys photo session!!! heart emoticon
I'm exhausted, but also sooo excited to share what I've been up to lately!!! . . . Will post more tomorrow!
Good Night everyone! XOxo


 I am so grateful to have such great friends, family, and clients 

Love you all and I hope you are enjoying this wonderful season as much as I am! 

**feeling blessed 

 What exactly goes into your photo session? What are you paying for?

Well, aside from your customized photo session (1-2hrs.planning, $100 on average props/gas/expenses per session), 1-2hrs for the actual session, but what happens next?!

Editing, well quite a few people ask for just a few snap shots but it's my job to go above and beyond, it's my business and honestly it's my reputation . . . and it's a process(8 - 10hrs per session). It's not just a good camera that takes good pictures but the photographer that puts the time into every step of the process to create lasting memories.

In the end what your paying for is the photographer and the experience, the memories that will last forever.

"VEVENT photography INCORPORATED"!!!
It's official I'm a corporation as of October 2014! So exciting 

  South San Francisco, Bay Area/Peninsula Photographer 

 Delivering engagement products today  

I Love how these turned out!

I'm so excited we were on the news 
haha, well, my back was! . . . I was doing an engagement session and we were caught being goofy and looking silly, and I have NO idea what we were doing or talking about! A bit embarrassed, but it's still pretty cool seeing yourself on the news unexpectedly. 

Here is the link:

  L&R engagement!

I had fun working with these guys for their engagement session. We visited the Palace of Fine Arts on a cold foggy day, yet they still look so adorable together  regardless of the weather (it was freezing cold!) We re-scheduled the second half of their session for a warmer day and sports theme. (Let's Go Giants!) Where they practiced their first dance,'dancing in the street' and L practiced his 'dip' aren't they adorable together?!

It was so much fun!

I am all about capturing real moments and emotions. That's what brought me into photography in the first place. I wanted to capture the moments with my little ones as I saw them, everyday beautiful moments. From that quirky, sideways grin to those dirty little fingernails from digging in the mud, the way their eyes light up and fill with joy and excitement, love and even uneasiness! 

One of our favorite books in our house is, 'I love you because you're you'
"I love you when your happy, . . .I love you when your sad, . . . I love you when your frisky, standing on your head." We love our families in any circumstance. So many people put off family portraits simply because of their mind set. They don't feel confident in the way they look, they want to loose weight, their teeth, whatever insecurities they might be having. But my 2-cents, do it. Do it now! The longer you wait the more you will be missing out. Capture those emotions, the joy, the love, those quirks while you can. 

I propose that for your next photo session, go somewhere new! Have an adventure! The photographer is only there to capture those real moments. A family portrait doesn't have to be dreaded, your love should be celebrated and captured! They love you because you're you! 

Frame That!  


I can not get enough of this little guy,

he has definitely stolen my hart! 



Wow! I can't believe it's been a year!! Sweet baby Gideon, you are growing so quickly <3 


Good luck at your baby shower, hope you guys have a blast! 

I Love! Love! Love! How this turned out  

It's not just about taking "nice pictures" I love seeing the spirt and witnessing gods hand, so many little miracles in our every day lives!  

So I had a "Legacy" photoshoot last weekend with a very large family, about 39 people who all came together to show their love and support for grandma! This was a totally different scale than my usual family photo shoots and took a little more time. The little ones did amazing and the family members were so kind and understanding while I run around getting everyone settled. . . . I still have a lot of work to do but Zabala/Velassco Family here is your sneak peek, I will post more as I work through the photos. I hope you enjoy them!

  South San Francisco, Bay Area/Peninsula Photographer 

Editing Style . . .

 I've been working on a new editing style that I really adore. Something totally different than what I usually so! Something just for fun, dreamy is what I was going for, what do you think?

Feeding The Birds!

My husband and I got away a few weeks ago. At the hostel I was able to feed the birds and capture them in flight! It was amazing! I was so excited! I've never done anything like this and it was a great experience . . . 

I had a few people wondering what I was doing, at one point I was on the floor with my camera, just in my own little world. I bet they thought I was a little crazy, but it was worth it :)

 I just can't get enough of this girl!  She is soooo Precious! I have to share another!

 Claudia, I had a great time capturing these moments with your family! The house was packed with sisters, cousins, friends, and family everywhere, surrounded by loved ones.You have an amazing family!!! Thank You for the opportunity and all of your support! I really had such a great time!

And here is your sneak peek as promised! . . . . (more to come)

So I was able to work with another photographer on a few things for my beautiful nephew!. . . Since they were in Arizona I was unable to take their newborn photos but I wanted to thank Pamela Wells for taking such good care of them and allowing me to create and print these birth announcements and accordion mini albums. . .

. . . Which just arrived in the mail today!!! I'm so excited I had to share!  

Did I mention . . .


And I would not have seen his beautiful face and personality without you Pamela!

Axel and Mariela I had so much fun with you and your family! They were so laid back and easy to work with. The bride and groom looked absolutely stunning, like they walked straight out of a magazine! The groom kept everyone on their toes, laughing and having a good time! It was fun for everyone and thank you for letting me be a part of it! I hope you enjoy your preview! 

Getting ready for my first wedding today! Nervous and super excited!!! Wish me luck! 

SOOC! (StraightOutOfCamera)

Sometimes Photography is Just about telling a story and having fun! It doesn't have to be a formal portrait session to have value! I will always cherish these photos because it completely captures this time in their lives, this moment! 

 Just helped a friend create a party design for her sons 8th birthday! So Fun!! Anyone else interested in LEGO birthday I have the banner complete for free download.

"Happy 8th Birthday" Erick!

A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to do some photography for a local transportation company. I was also able to experiment with some new techniques, what do you think?! 

  South San Francisco, Bay Area/Peninsula Photographer 

 Happy 4th Birthday Amelia!!!


Baby Espinoso!

                                                    The sweetest little man!                                                     Nothing compares to holding a newborn baby, it truly reminds you of how precious life is.

Siblings Are The Best!
These two were a handful at first, but they finally warmed up to each other 
(and the camera)
and it turned out to be a really good time!
I had fun exploring with you and getting to know you.

Holiday Card Boutique!


includes personalized card design

25 custom cards

(with envelopes)

**$10discount on additional cards 

(increments of 25)

"Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful"

 Happy Birthday Natasha!

                                                              So Precious!                                                                                                 I defiantly had a blast with this little guy in the studio,                                      only one week old but all that cooing and smiling already, he stole my hart!  <3 

  South San Francisco, Bay Area/Peninsula Photographer 

Our Halloween Mini Sessions were a blast! 

Here's a look at what we did . . .


Thank you For all your support!


Getting Ready for Halloween

 I Know my Kids are already counting down the days. Granted they're not quite old enough to fully grasp the concept, they absolutely love the thought of everyone playing "dress-up" at the exact same time!

I love the way they think, and act, and play right now, it is just so precious! I love even more being able to capture those moments, putting them on my wall to be able to look back and remember these times!

This sweet girl loved the attention, and hugging the wall ;) 

It worked out for us though! 

                                                                                        Natasha,                                                                                         Thank you for being my model . . .  p.s. you look amazing! 

Derek & Amber,

Precious Gideon Was a blast to meet! Thank You for sharing your story with me!  <3  

  South San Francisco, Bay Area/Peninsula Photographer